Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Long Week, But The Same Really Good Book Shop

Now I have my own set of wheels, I've been returning to the Really Good Book Shop at Browns Plains to hang out and enjoy the bargains there.  It's been wonderful and relaxing to be able to take hours to just hang out in a wonderfully organised book exchange.

Yesterday, I took my Mum there.  At first she didn't really want to go, but then I insisted and she said yes.  So, we arrived, locked up the car and I opened the door to the place.  As she walked in, her mouth dropped... as it does with all first-timers at this place.  There. Were. So. Many. Books!  She couldn't believe how many were just stacked around the place and she noticed it was just so very organised!  I introduced Mum to the owner and while she was still taking the place in and I asked her what she had in mind to look for, and Mum said, "Um, I forget... hang on, I'm still kind of taking this in." A minute or so later, she asked about an author and the lady behind the counter looked up and author and came out from behind there and led Mum down one of the crowded aisles of books where she easily found the author she was looking for.  Me?  I said I was going to be in the Classics section... I was looking for Kurt Vonnegut's 'Slaughterhouse 5', and I was off and around the corner after trying to give my Mum directions to where I was going to be and she said to forget telling her.

After we found our books, we made our way to the counter and made our purchases and went outside into the lovely day.  The moment the door closed, Mum kept on saying, "Wow!  Just wow!  What a place!  I do think they need a bigger store though, but what a place!" We went to MacDonald's MacCafe for something to eat and then headed on home.  It was a great time to have with my Mum; as we both love books and bookstores.  And it was a pleasure to show Mum one of the stores I've discovered in our area.  The great thing is that she loves the place because it's clean, it's not dusty and the books are nice, tidy and not dirty... and are reasonably priced too!  Now that's always a bonus!  So, she'll be going back there as much as I will.  And you know?  I did find Vonnegut's book I was looking for... and I'm beginning it this weekend.  Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. The Really Good Book Shop sounds wonderful!! I love independent bookstores... I recently moved to Northern Cailifornia this past weekend with my hubby, so look forward to exploring bookstores in my new hometown once we're settled in....

    I liked reading about your mom's reaction to Really Good Book Shop.

    I had to crack up about McDonald's though... As an American, it still takes me by surprise how global some American companies are like McDonalds, Starbucks, and Coca-Cola...

    1. Yeah, I know... MacDonalds is very global. However, they're more than just a fast food place here. They've become a cafe-style place as they want people to sit down and eat at their restaurant, as well as have good 'healthy' food. They serve great coffee and cakes and muffins too... the children's play area is well-fenced, and has sound-proof glass between the restuarant and the play area... which is a bonus because the last thing you hear is children screaming all the time. Otherwise we often look out for a Mac-Cafe for coffee because it's turned out to be a nice place to have coffee.

    2. Well, the McDonalds in Australia sound much nicer than the ones in the USA. I have a cousin who lives in Hong Kong and the menu in the McDonalds in Hong Kong is very different than what is offered in the USA.