Friday, May 30, 2014

'Pet's Letters to God' translated by Mark Bricklin

'Dear God,

One thing I like is that you never interrupt when I'm talking to you!



'Dear God,

Every night, a coyote comes sniffing around our house.  It is quite frightening.  Please give me the address of the Acme Dynamite Company.

Thank you,


'Dear God,

Why do I have to share my aquarium with a catfish?  Is this somebody's idea of a joke?


Three of the funnier letters from this lovely little book about letters to God - if only animals could speak and write like humans.  There's more in this little hard-covered book, ranging from what they think of Thanksgiving, other animals and our closets... to how they think we should be treated and why is it dogs, cats, fish and birds are kept inside and yet squirrels are shut outdoors?  Hmmm... good question, when said squirrel is hoping to be a good little guy in the eyes of humans.

This is a lovely, funny, cute little read.  I highly recommend it for a quick afternoon read or a before dinner read and it had me laughing out loud many times, remembering how much my bird made me laugh at her little antics ... and then realising sometimes - just sometimes - she probably thought I was weird as much as I thought she was.  Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. This book sounds lovely and charming!! I sometimes what my two Pomeranian dogs think too!! Sometimes it's obvious what they think like when they're hungry or want to go for a walk outside and so on. Other times I wonder why they do certain things they do. Animals are curious creatures for sure!!

    1. For sure! I now know why my bird was so weird and funny around me... and wanted to cook, drink my tea, eat my chocolate and get right in on my breakfast most day... because she wanted to be in my life more than me. :P