Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Few Small Things

Okay... I've been a blogger for a while. 

Alright, since 2009 and I've noticed quite a few things have probably been missed by a fair few of you guys as followers and anyone who's bookmarked this here little blog.

Now, along the sidebar to your right there's two massive lists.  You might think they're nothing much to look at but the first list is the genres I've read; and numbers of books that I've reviewed of those genres.  This gives you an idea of which kinds of books I have read, will review and look into and have in my 1,000+ collection (which is sitting in 4 bookcases in my home office right now).  

I bet  you had a quick gander at that just as you read read the last paragraph... thought so... hehehe.

The next list down is totally different.  This second list is just as long - but is a growing list - of authors' official websites.  If you're looking for an official website of an author and can't find it anywhere - or can't be bothered looking (yeah, we've all had those moments in life), this is where you can find it.  I've done the running around for you.  And if you'd like to have an author's official website put up there, just let me know, I'll dig on up and slot it in - no probs.  Leave a comment at the bottom of the most recent post, and I'll get in and find that author's official website for you.

There's another thing there - it's really tiny and often goes ignored.  It's a Search Box.  This is situated below where the Followers are and above the Bookcrossing advertisement.  If you're looking for a book/s I might have reviewed, just type in the title of the book and the author in there and click on 'search' and it'll pop up with a box in the post area with posts from my blog and other searches from the internet.  This makes your searching around my blog (not to mention the internet) a far sight easier than it normally would be on a normally hectic day.  

So, I thought to just let you guys know what some of the things on the sidebar are for... so go and have a look around.  It's taken me years to build up the numbers of authors' sites and the reviews to make the Search Box worth its while; but it's been a lot of fun - and I'm not about to stop.  Until my next post, Happy Reading!

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