Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Keep The Winter Blues At Bay

It's Winter here in Australia, and we've got some very chilly weather happening here right now at night - as well as during the day.  A really bad cold has been going around (and yes, it's had a go at me, and I'm taking all the right vitamens and it's still making me feel gross!).

So, I've been eating the right foods, making home-made soups laden with garlic, sour cream and garlic bread; as well as cooking up nice hot pastas and making pizza dough and calzones too... yummo! 

But it's not what I'm putting into my stomach that's keeping my blues away - well, okay, part of it is.  I'm getting in and snuggling under the duvet and reading more; getting to bed earlier in the night, as the temperature drops to get my nose between the pages of some great books, and read my way through the colder months.  
Just last night, I ploughed through about 20 pages of 'The Eyre Affair' by Jasper Fforde.  Okay, I'm in the beginning bits of this great read, but I'm loving it, and was wishing I didn't have to put it down... but i had to as my eyes were winning the battle of wanting to go to sleep.  


I'm also reading a bit of 'Good Reading' Magazine.  A great monthly magazine that I've subscribed to.  I love how it just shows up in my PO Box and I can delve into it any time I want.  I've been leafing through that when there's an advert break on the tv... just to pass the time during my favourite television show.  
And I don't watch television until very late anymore - only until around 9:30pm or so.  Seeing it feels later than it really is, I'm off to bed by around 10:30pm, with my nose between the pages of a book.  So, I'm reading more in Winter.  It's great!

So, what are you reading now?  I know that in other parts of the world, it's Summer - and a real boiler right now too! Do leave a comment below and let us all in on what books you've gotten your nose into?  Might give us some ideas to read new things over the next few months.  Until my next post, happy reading!

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  1. Feel better soon colds/the flu are never any fun!! I've been reading like crazy this summer here in the USA and trying to stay cool!! I've moved away from the coast line and am many miles inland and we had 105 degree F weather here yesterday!! So have been hibernating indoors to stay cool. I'm currently reading Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers, a young adult novel and The Love Thief by Daisy Jerico (a novella).