Monday, June 23, 2014

Stop The Bully Book Launch

Last Saturday, I was out and about at Logan North Library to attend Karen Tyrrell's book launch for 'Stop The Bully'.  

This book is a children's book about Brian, a new kid in school who is immediately picked on for having the wrong uniform, the wrong textbooks, the wrong coloured hair... well, the wrong everything.  He even gets placed beside the wrong kinda kid by the teacher; who is also picked on too for being different.  However, it's how his life changes because of this girl he's next to that makes all the difference.

And the whole launch was based around how bullying hasn't really changed over time.  Adults have been bullied in primary school, just like children are bullied now - the technology has changed, but what kids say and do hasn't.

Karen used to be a school teacher and she was bullied at her profession.  And she wrote the book 'Stop the Bully' to show that it's in every profession you can be bullied.  So, she placed in the book certain strategies people, parents and students can use in every aspect of their lives to help them deal with bullies; after all, we all deal with being bullied at some point or another throughout life - don't we?  And it's about time it's brought out in the open.

If you'd like a copy of Karen's book, just go to her website:  Karen Tyrrell and you'll be able to find a copy there.  Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. Thanks so much Lynda,
    for coming along to STOP the Bully book launch and sharing your positive rap here.
    Much appreciated
    Karen x

    1. You're so welcome, Karen. I know what it's like to be bullied for a good part of my life; and now I don't let anyone stand on me. :)