Sunday, August 10, 2014

My Busy Saturday Morning

Yesterday, I had a busy morning - very busy - and I hadn't even reached my destination of the Hyperdome Library.  

I had to moderate the Sci-Fi Spec. Fiction Group... yep, I was asked to run this group for this month because our usual moderator was out with a bad back - and so was her husband!  So, they asked me last week to take over for them.  This is something I hadn't done in over 20 years, but I thought it would be fun!

And it was!

So, yesterday morning, I dragged myself out of bed at 7:30am, got myself ready, threw together coffee, tea, milo, sugar, a collection of mugs and milk into the blue esky/cooler and grabbed my tablet and was out the door by 9am.  I had to buy some nibblies on the way through to the library... but just before reaching the place it hit me!  I had forgotten napkins and spoons!  So, fortunately, I remembered where a very old, long-time convenience store was and I dropped in there, bought what I needed and kept on going. 

I arrived at the Hyperdome Library 20 minutes ahead of schedule... thankfully... and set up the room, organised the hot water urn and waited for everyone to arrive by 10am.  

Well, Renee, Graham and Andrew were all on time; and we all grabbed a coffee, sat down and chatted for a little bit.  I told them that I was moderating the meeting this time around and we got into talking about our homework:  to describe our main characters in 30 seconds.  This was going to be impossible - time wise - so I let them all talk for around 5 - 10 minutes each and they felt more relaxed to tell us about their characters physically and otherwise.  This was great!  
Then, we got a new member wander in and take a seat - she was about 45 minutes late, but that didn't matter.  Her name was Miriam, and she told us about what her book was about and her main character as well; then she grabbed a coffee while I chatted about Fry Nelson and my upcoming bits about him... which got everyone wanting to read more about him.

After we finished our homework and talking about our works, it was 11:30am... we had half an hour to kill before our time with the room was up.  So, we talked about other authors, their works, how they lived, died and what we thought of them personally and some secrets some of knew about certain authors (if we were big enough fans to find out about these secrets) and then, the next thing we knew, it was midday.  It was time to go!  I packed up all the food, coffee and things into the milk crate I had brought in with me.  Graham took the urn out to the front desk and we all left the room the way we found it - tidy - until the next time we're here.

This is what one of our meetings is like.  I took the minutes and wrote them out on my tablet while everyone talked... that was some fast typing I did on that thing!  And we all had fun chatting.  Nothing like a great meeting talking about the very things we enjoy:  writing, reading, books and authors!  So, if you're a writer, do you attend a writer's group?  If so, is your group like this one?  Or is it more intense?  Until my next post, happy reading.

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