Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Book Shack ... A Great Place for More Than Just Books!

I'm here in Brighton house-sitting for my brother and his girlfriend again; and this time, I'm minding Jay 'the Wonderdog!' too!  She's curled up by the front door looking at me as I type this... and I'm very tired from walking around Sandgate Shopping Common.  Why I am is a heck of story, but I'll keep it short and sweet too.

I started out looking for two things today:  a vintage suitcase and 'The Book Shack' bookstore.  I found both, but not until the end of the day.  I drove my car into Sandgate and parked it under Woolworths and walked around the place to all the vintage places around in search of 'The Book Shack'; but nobody had ever heard of it.  They knew there was a second-hand bookstore around the place, but didn't quite know exactly where it was as they didn't live in the area.

However, once I did find it - almost 1 1/2 hours after I parked the car - I told the owner how long it took me to find her little store; and she was amazed!  She said she had been in the same spot for 5 years and nobody could tell me where she was?  Well, jeez, that's bad!  I bought a cute little book to record what you read, after looking around her lovely store.  It has bags, hand-made bookmarks (of all materials; from woven ones to ones made from brass to others made from silver and nickel).  There were book bags which were made from coffee sacks and lined with old tablecloth material and handbags too... so well-made!  But I couldn't afford them!  Oh well, next time!  However, the next time I'm here, I'll be travelling to the Book Shack at another location.  It'll be off Rainbow Street - up past the fish'n'chip store and in owner's house... not a bad location, seeing how much she loves books.  But she did tell me it was a business decision that she will only be open 4 days a week and will still be online too.

After that, I was still searching for the vintage suitcase, and I walked into two shops that looked like they might sell them; but they didn't.  The last one showed me directions on a map of an antiques store at Deagan where I found the perfect suitcase at this great antiques store... it cost only $12 too!  Very cool and I spent half my day out!  

Once back at home, I took Jay for a walk - where she met a very eager Staffie (only 8 months old this youngster of pup who wanted to jump all over Jay) and poor Jay wasn't really into playing rough.  Well, the chickens laid 2 eggs and they're currently running around the garden until the sun goes down.  I have a few things to look for around Brighton - book-wise - and so watch this space, I'm going to do a few giveaways while I'm here.  Until my next post, happy reading!

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