Friday, December 19, 2014

'Hand Psychology: A New Insight into Solving Your Problems' by Andrew Fitzherbert

Reading the lines on the palms of another is a tricky business.  But this book makes it easier and better to read them for you.  With easy-to-follow diagrams, knowing the difference between a straight Heart Line and a Simian Line is a cinch!  Andrew Fitzherbert covers not only lines but also finger prints, hand sizes - and their meanings - and also the length of fingers and how they can mean the smallest of differences in your personality or your life.

I have had this book since I was 17 years old, and it's been a great source book for me.  No matter how many other palmistry books I've looked into, this one is the one I have come back to each time.  It's how it's written that has appealed to me; it's easy to follow and in a uncomplicated language.  But I have found how the book is set out doesn't make it easy to find what I'm looking for when I really need it.  The other day, I was looking for hand sizes and couldn't find it - not until I wasn't looking for it - and it really annoyed me that this happens in such a thin book.  There's no index and the contents don't give much away in what each chapter contains.  So, if it could be fixed up to contain those two things, that'd be great; and make it easier to get into.  

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