Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Packing Light

In a few days, I'm off to Brunswick Heads for a week of relaxing by the sea.  Aaahhh... yes, it's going to be nice and lovely and cool.

Well, I've checked out the weather bureau and it's told us that it's going to pour rain all week... oh well... it happens.

But that's great reading weather too.

So, I'll be packing some light reading of Frida Kahlo's journal from the last decade of her life, my tablet (which has an Audible book on it and an e-book I have to finish) and then, I'll be taking along my journal and my Writer's Journal too as well as my 'Good Reading' Magazine.

Yep, all that should keep me occupied on a wet week of being at the coast without a television set in a caravan.

Otherwise, I'll be taking off to Mullumbimby to 'The Book Barn' to see what they have in store there - and to see if they're online yet.  The owner is a lovely man who loves books, and plays the piano there too.  The Book Barn used to be a bank and still has the old main vault in the back of the place - but they took the door off it and put a light inside it (due to how dark it is inside the room, as it's a walk-in vault; yep it's a really old bank).  But the place is amazing!  It has so many books, you'd never want to leave; well not too soon in any case.  

Well, if it does pour rain and I'm out of reading material, I'll just walk up to Re Sould up the road and buy myself a book or two to keep myself occupied... not a problem.  Otherwise, watching the rain while in a caravan is always a nice way to pass the time.  Until my next post, happy reading! 


  1. Happy holidays to you!! Have fun in Brunswick Heads for a week of relaxing by the sea!!

    1. Thank you! And happy holidays and Merry Christmas to you too! I'll still be posting on here while I'm at Brunswick Heads; so I'm not abandoning my post here... :D