Friday, December 5, 2014

Musical Tastes

For those who don't know, I'm a classically trained musician.  Yeah, the things you find out about somebody.

However, the instrument I play isn't something I'd like to mention on here... seeing its meaning on Urban Dictionary is that I'm a moron, a slacker and well, it really just insulted anyone who knows how to play anything orchestral.  

Urban Dictionary

If you've clicked on the link... you've figured out what instrument I play.  However, when I was younger, it wasn't something to be laughed at.  Playing the flute wasn't an insult to my lifestyle.  It wasn't a way of calling me a moron.  

So, how did this come about? 

Society has totally flipped its meaning of how to speak to each other, and it's not the way to be.

You're all probably wondering why I'm exploding on here - on my own blog?  Well, you see, I had problem spelling 'flautist' here, as it kept on telling me it was wrongly spelled.  So, I Googled Urban Dictionary - thinking it would be okay to look up the word.  Boy, was I in for a horrible surprise when the meaning for it came up and it wasn't exactly what I thought it was going to be.

How damned weird has the world become when they have turned somebody's profession, somebody's passion for music into an insult?  If it wasn't years ago when 'American Pie' was causing problems for me (and believe me it was), it's this crap.

Please people, don't twist people's professions into insults when it's not needed.  There's better ways of doing it.  As for Urban Dictionary?  Well, if you have a real, paperback edition in your house, use that one... it's more accurate.

If you've got a Roget's Thesaurus?  Even better... it's got more words and is better for your vocabulary anyway.

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