Sunday, December 28, 2014

Rainy Day Activities

Well, it's been raining since I arrived here in Brunswick Heads yesterday.  And so, I've been reading and listening to a book on Audible.  However, I'm also editing books too while I'm here.

I hope to get a lot done of the latter while I'm here.  

Also while I'm here, I hope to get my little green car out onto the roads and out to Mullumbimby to see The Book Barn to have a gander at some bookstores out that way too... to see what I can get my hands on in the way of second-hand books.  There's also some stores here in town which have old book instore as well I'll be looking at too.

Well!  I just thought to pop in here and let you all know that I have arrived safe and well in damp old Brunswick Heads.  I'm reading Frida Kahlo's Diary and another few books on my tablet too.  
So, do tell, what are you all up to?  Seeing I'm stuck inside due to the weather, and so are some of you, what are the usual activities you do to while away the hours - do let us know in the comments below.  Until my next post, happy reading!

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