Sunday, December 13, 2015

Writer's Group Christmas Party

Yesterday, I went out into the cooler wet day of Logan City to my last writer's group at the Loganholme Library. Seeing it was for Christmas, I took along some cake and we sat down and enjoyed some lovely food while discussing the writings of other writers in the group.

Three or four writers had emailed their work to everyone and we all had a go at reading the 6 pages. Even though I had only done my readings two days previous, everyone knew I hadn't had a good month; so it was forgiven at my lateness.

I enjoy reading other people's work as it lets me into other worlds, styles and emotions of how their stories move. Sometimes I'm reading something which is halfway through and there's not much in the way of explanation of how things are going, the plot or who is who, but most times, I can pick up on it all; which is good. 

We had a newer writer who wrote a first draft yesterday. It had a time-traveling train in it, which everyone loved and picked up on straight away, and characters which really needed a lot of fleshing out. However, when we got back to the train, she told us that it wasn't in the entire story, just in the first part. However, we found it made a profound impression on us and encouraged her to keep in there - to use it like the Tardis or the Delorian - and she thought it sounded good. Then, we started sprouting things from 'Back to the Future', quoting Doc Emmett Brown and Marty McFly ... it was funny! We had a few Great Scotts flying around, a 'This is deep' and somebody said something about a 'Flux Capacitor'; and we all got in and cracked more jokes about time travel, ate some more food and - before we knew it - it was time to pack up and leave! 

Yep, this was it for my writers group. This means I'll be hiding away in my cave to write more, read more (hopefully) and enjoy getting into the art and writing worlds. Until my next post, happy reading.

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