Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What Are You Reading?

It's almost here; silly season, Christmas! The time we all put up with our family, give expensive presents after maxing out the credit card on not only those things, but also food and decorations and lights.

But this time of year is also for reading. I love catching up on those great faves of mine - clearing off a few from my Mt To Be Read... yes, that gargantuan pile of books collected over the year that i have been meaning to read, well, i try to get in and read as many of them as possible at this time of year.

i do it now before i don't get the time to during the year because life gets in the way while you're busy making other plans - so John Lennon was right about that, right?

so far this season, I've knocked over 'Revival' by Stephen King. i had the book already half-read, and i read the other half in just 2 days! i'm currently 170 pages into 'Night World - Vol 1' by J.L Smith and have read 40 pages of 'Star Wars Aftermath' by Chuck Wendig. i can't wait to get more reading done soon. so, what have you been reading - and are planning to read - during this season of Christmas? 


  1. Ugn, I have slowed down big time on my reading of books starting around November 1st!! I've read 92 or 93 books so far this year, which is fabulous. But I am not sure I'll be reaching my goal of reading 100 books by the end of this year. I've been too busy since the beginning of November with making Christmas gifts for family members and friends this year. I am a knitter and have three more projects to make before Christmas is upon us. I am a knitter, so am happily making gifts for others for the holidays. Once done with these projects, I have three things I'd love to make for myself by the end of the year.

    1. Woah! 93 books? That's a real achievement! I was flat out getting 5 books read this year!