Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Busily Reading and Writing

It's been a big time in the world for famous rockers passing away for us... I mean, David Bowie was a real shocker for us all. I grew up with his music and then Alan Rickman went and joined him the next day. And just today, we lost Glenn Frey from The Eagles. However, I've been busy writing poetry on David Bowie (check out my Flash Fiction blog, the poem is there).

And a few nights ago, when I couldn't sleep, I sat in my lovely big chair and got through about 20 pages of 'Star Wars Aftermath'... it felt good to just sit down and read for a bit and forget about the world outside. And what a great book to read. Besides, I wasn't feeling all that great as I had a bit of food poisoning (urgh... eggs where the chickens had eaten thistles... they tasted bitter).

Then, the next day, I started reading Margaret Olley's biography: 'Margaret Olley: Far From A Still Life' by Meg Stewart. I'm only about 20 pages into it and - even though I have found it's not all that well-written (smelt instead of smelled - but then I'm a grammar nazi) and there were a few words which were spelled differently due to generational differences - however it paints a great view of how her childhood was spent. I want to read the rest of it in one sitting. And this book is a massive book of 608 pages... this includes a detailed index and 4 lots of photographs.

I'm still writing 'Angel Wars' and the Flash Fiction has started up again through Chuck Wendig's 'Terrible Minds' blog - which is going to keep me busy as well. I've begun writing my own flash fiction too and posting it up there on my Flash Fiction Blog as well; along with my once a week stuff. This is a new thing, to keep my work original and up-to-date - to show I don't always need a prompt from somebody else.

Well, that's what I've been up lately, including some volunteer work, needpoint and decluttering my house. I got rid of 5 books from my collection (which I found really hard to do! But I'm proud of myself!). So do tell, what have you been up to over the last week? How has the passing of the David Bowie affected you? I know it absolutely shattered me as I loved his work in every way - when I first heard 'Let's Dance', I wanted a pair of red shoes, so I could dance in the serious moonlight... what? I was young and believed it all could happen; and it was the 80's.  Until my next post, happy reading!

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