Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Writer's Group!

In a couple of weeks, my monthly writers' group starts up again! I can't wait! I love going to this group as it's keeps me on the ball with my work. 

It's the Logan City Writers' and I joined it after The Crew finished up at the end of last year. I hope to get my work in today - or tonight - and hope my peeps enjoy reading it. 

The book I'm getting them to look at is 'Fry Nelson: Bounty Hunter' ... it's all still in the first draft and so does need a lot of work. However, when I have had people look at it, they love the idea, the story, of it. The main problem with this group is that there is only allowed 600 words and I have a full chapter to send; which usually keeps them reading to the very end (and so this is why I send the whole chapter so they know how it ends - as the chapter is really a story which is also a chapter in the life of Fry Nelson; complex way of writing, I know, but it works out in the end). 

So, what kind of writing have you been doing? And if you're reading anything new, what have you been getting your nose into? For me, it's needlepoint books to learn new stitches to make pin cushions - yeah, sounds boring, but it's really very challenging as it's all to do with counting and numbers; most certainly not my forte. Until my next post, happy reading!

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