Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Goblin Companion - The Field Guide to Goblins by Brian Froud & Terry Jones

I don't remember where I got this book. I do remember one of my friends had it; and I think she gave it to me because I kept on reading it at her place. However, now I have it, I rarely have the time to get my nose into it as much as I want to now.

This is a book which will tell you the difference between a Luerck and a Dogsthorpe; and believe me, there's a mountain of difference between these two goblins. The two authors who wrote this book have done a great job with detailed descriptions and drawings, pictures and even the hats, weapenry and clothes these little - or big - guys wear. However, as with most books on the fantasy realm, it's all just fun to read about them and a good giggle. So, if you'd like to have a look at this book, you may be able to find it in a second-hand shop or it may have been reprinted. Either way, it's worth a read and not to be taken too seriously. I'm usually looking for a new character and use a part of one and a part of another from this book and create one of my own.

Seeing there are two authors, I've included their names in the sidebar so you can look around their official websites. Brian Froud took part in the makings of major films such as 'Labrinth' and 'The Dark Crystal' from the 1980's and is currently working on new films that are involved with those films again. When I googled Terry Jones, it came up with the man from the Monty Python series. So, I put into sidebar Mr Froud's site for you all and keep searching for more information as time goes on.

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