Monday, August 24, 2009

True Lies (Adapted from the Screenplay) by Dewey Gram & Duane Dell'Amico

When I go to see films on the big screen I always keep an eye out for whether or not it was a book first or not. This book was a movie first; then two guys thought it would make a great book. At first I thought it was okay to read as a light read to get through something really quick. However, as the years past, and I read it I found that it was just a cheap copy of the movie and I enjoyed watching the movie more.
There are a lot of books that are going around which are written from the screenplay and I'm afraid to say they may look good and the blurb on the back may sound as good as the movie; however they are not. The magic of the movie isn't there; the people who try to emulate the brilliance the director put across onto the big screen through a book dulls as you read the words.

I've googled both these guys and there's not much out there about them; so I can't say who they are or exactly what they do. If anyone knows more about them, drop in and leave some info or a site. Thanks guys.

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  1. Dewey Gram is a veteran in the area of novelization - since 1978. His bestselling novelization was Gladiator.