Saturday, August 15, 2009

More About Amelia Jane by Enid Blyton

Amelia Jane is a mischevious doll who is owned by a little girl who loves her very much. However, it's when the little girl leaves her to go to school every day that the adventures - or should we say - misadventures happen to this doll. In a nursery with other toys like Teddy, the Sailor and - in this edition of my book - the golliwog the toys have the day to themselves, get up to all kinds of games and trouble all on their own.

I received this book for my 10th birthday from one of my school friends. It's one of the rare publications which has a golliwog in it; as since it's be reprinted without him in its pages. I see no reason why he was taken out as I thought - and still think - he's a cute character. So, here is the cover with the golliwog on the cover from my own collection.

Enid Blyton's website is on the sidebar and it's very easy to use - even if it looks like it's for children, it's not. So, I won't put too much here. However, I will write that Enid Blyton wrote many series of books for all age groups from the 'Noddy' series to 'The Faraway Tree', 'Famous Five', 'Malory Towers', 'St Clares' and others as well. So, click on the her name on the sidebar and be engulfed by her life, her books and become a member of the Enid Blyton Society. It sounds like fun!

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