Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Superfudge by Judy Blume

Peter's getting a little Fudge... a little brother or sister. He's already got Fudge, and the last thing he wanted was another one like his little brother. His parents are absolutely thrilled about how good it would be to have a new member of the family added on, however, Peter has other thoughts about it. When everyone finds that the Hatcher family come home with a little baby girl, Peter feels resentful. So, when the baby comes home, he tries everything to get rid of her, including taping $1.00 notes all over her and saying that she's for sale for a dollar. But will things turn out better as time goes along?

I haven't really read that many Judy Blume books in my time; as when I was going through high school, most of the ones I wanted to read were always checked out of the library or on reserve. So, I kind of missed out. However, now I'm reading some here and there, I'm finding they're absolutely charming and hiarious and a great light read.

I've found Judy's Blume's site very informative and has everything you'd need to know about her and her life. So, instead of me going through it and picking at it, I'll post the link on the sidebar and you can wander around her site at your leisure.

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