Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Telltale Alphabet by Cash Peters with Loveday Miller

I don't remember where I got this book - as with some books in my collection - this one was given to me in the last year or so and I got into reading about handwriting.

This is a very interesting book about the John Handcock we call our handwriting. Some of our writing is easily read, while for other people, we often find the hand writing terrible and looking like our eye sight may be the problem (and sometimes it's not). This book will tell you how to read between the lines of what people are really saying and not just read what's on the page. It covers how people cross their 't's , the letter 'g' and 'y' and their beguiling tails right through to whether you write margin to margin or leave a space around your whole paragraph of writing, indenting and if it's good to end a word with a down line or an upline. Yep, it sounds very complicated and very simple all at once. However it does make one curious about what your hand writing does actually say about you, doesn't it?

I haven't been able to find much out about Cash Peters; just that he's a travel writer and this book isn't on the list of books he's published. And Loveday Miller doesn't seem to be online either. However, if you know something about them (I think the latter is an editor), please leave a comment and let me know of any sites or information I can add on here. Thanks guys.

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