Thursday, October 1, 2009

Collectors Magazine

Anyone can be a collector. In fact, you're probably one anyway; of books, vinyls, broaches, rings, fishing reels, lures... heck! You can collect pretty much anything and everything these days; and the people who are collectors are very educated about their collections and dedicated as well! Now there's not only the television show, website and dvds you can either collect or curl up in front of, but there's a magazine too! And check it out! There's a lot going on in each issue.

The four great presenters (Andy, Adrian, Nicole and Gordon) are from all walks of life and they have plenty to offer in each issue of the magazine from what to look for in art deco-style posters to transistor radios to antique perfume bottles and
what to look for in spotting a good piece of bronze.

So, if you're serious about your collecting and would like something textile to keep around your house so you can compare your finds with the experts, this magazine is definitely for you.
You can find it all ABC Shops and Centers and selected newsagencies around Australia for around $8.95; and believe me, it's well worth its price because you'll be forever referring to it over time.

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