Saturday, December 4, 2010

How To Be A Vilain by Neil Zawacki

Have you ever dreamt of world domination?  When you were little, were your goals to be a Supreme dark overlord or a lawyer?  Do you find Unicorns, rainbows, puppies and cute things your worst nightmare?  Well, this could be the book for you... this book is how to be an absolute villain in the present day; and to make sure you don't make the same mistakes the bad guys in the movies do.
From picking out your evil name (which is a lot of fun really) to choosing where you underground lair will be, your main career to what kind evil laugh you decide on, this is a complete - if not funny - guide to finding your evil self. You're told about the heroes, death traps, tools of the trade and you're advised about evil henchmen too; even if you wish you didn't need them.  It also talks about dress and style... and which one you pick could really make or break your evil self.  

Personally, I enjoyed this book.  If the illustrations didn't have me giggling it was the funny types of ways to be evil that did.  I loved picking out my evil name... that's always the most fun (which by the way is: 'Mistress Death Hammer'.  It was from one of the ones in the book... but you can always make your own up).  I decided to get my nose into this book for two reasons:  for one thing it broke me away from the vampire romance I had my head into lately and it was a very quick and light read to zoom through for a day or two.  Otherwise, it got me laughing and isn't a book to be taken too seriously.

I've looked up Neil Zawacki, however I can't find an official website for him; not even Wikipedia is coughing up anything.  So, I'm afraid, he'll be an author we'll have to keep our evil eyes out for, eh?  Well, I will for you all.  Until I find another book he's written and try to get a website of his on here, I apologise for not being able to find him. 

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