Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ashes of Midnight by Lara Adrian

Andreas Reichen is a Breed Vampire from Germany who out for revenge.  He has lost everything from the human woman he loves - Helene - to the Darkhaven he ran which was full of every last person who he was related to down to his nephew who had just been born.  Somebody had turned Helene into a Minion and he had to kill her to put her out of her misery; knowing he'd never get her back.  And the same person ordered the massacre of his people; leaving him with not only an empty mansion, but nobody to leave his Darkhaven to.  So, Andreas did the only thing he knew, he used the power he was born with to burn the place to the ground.  Then, used the same power to find the man who ordered his family's death,Wilhelm Roth.  However, when he was destroying his country home, he nearly destroyed Roth's breedmate, Claire, who was Andrea's first love.  After a few ups and downs, he knows he wants her back, but stealing another Breed's mate is against all the rules.  But will they find out a way to get around them and be together without them both being destroyed by the same man; and putting the Order in danger as well?

I began reading the Midnight Breed series about a month ago; and seeing I'm a moderate reader, reading six books in about a month and half is better than I usually do.  From the first page of book one, I was hooked; and seeing I was sent all six books in one box, I could just finish one book and begin the next one immediately.  This one is the last one thus far.  And it was only the other day I was contacted by the person who sent me the box of books and she told me that there was a seventh book... oh!  I can't wait to see where that one takes me!
Lara Adrian writes vampire romance.  I have written a piece about her a few posts down and included her link on the side bar; so I won't repeat myself here.  Just click and read more at your leisure.

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