Monday, May 9, 2011

Between the Pages

I've been reading a lot lately; and reading really great stuff too.  And seeing it has been lovely, warm weather, I've had time to sit out the front of my unit in the sun and get my nose right into a good book or two in the past month or so.
One of the first books I've begun reading - and love 'You Are Here' by Christopher Potter.  This author takes us into the outer realms of the solar system, galaxy and the universe via the Hubble Telescope and takes us back in time by introducing us to the philosophers who took our ancestors to the stars first off by gazing skyward in the first place and making their own observations (even though they weren't the most popular people around at the time; some of their words and works have turned out to be the truth now).  I'm almost halfway through this book; and loving how our universe has always been there; but not and little by little, its showing us more each day.
The next book I'm also into is 'A Left-Handed History of the World' by Ed Wright.  Now this titles sounds like an oxymoron, but really, it is about the people who made a big difference in our world and how they all turned out to be Southpaws.  The author tells us a few little known things about lefties and that they all have certain traits that makes them the way they are.  He also takes us right back to the earliest known lefty of them all:  Ramses II of Egypt.  This leader wasn't just a lefty, he was also a redhead; now how's that for unusual?  And being a left-handed person myself, I found all this new information about left-handed people very interesting and a little bit funny too.  
So, these are the two books I've indulged in right now; and I'm zipping through them both at a fast past!  Which books are you getting into?  Are they non-fiction or fun and easy fiction or thrillers?  Leave a comment and let us know.


  1. I just bought seven books last week. (I hadn't had access to read for bookcrossing or my reading blog for over two and a half months for reasons beyond my control.) As far as I know they are all fiction. I haven't registered them with bookcrossing yet. I'll probably do most of my reading either on the weekends or when/if I have extra time in the day before I have to be anywhere.

  2. Moderate Mouse I've found that if you've updated your Mozilla from the older version to Mozilla4; it may not let you do what you used to. Look on their Facebook page and you'll have some of the reasons why you can't access your blog or your Bookcrossing account.

    I've had to change my browser back to Windows Internet Explorer 8 because the Mozilla4 wouldn't let me edit or upload photos to my blogs.