Monday, May 23, 2011

The Biggest Closing Down Sale Around!

I was at Garden City today and walked past Borders on the lower floor where it was advertising between 70 - 90% off all stock.  I was amazed and just had to have a look instore.  When I walked in, there were brand new books going for an absolute song!  Entire sections of the store were bare, while other sections were still full and marked down to be gone in 6 days' time.
Walking around the shop, I found books that were published in only the last few years - brand new $40 books - that were going for around $6.00 and $10.00.  I really felt horrible that this great franchise was going into administration and having to close all of its stores; including the Angus & Robertson one that was upstairs near the bus station (and when I walked past, it was empty and the doors were closed, lights off and the store's sign was gone.  I didn't know I'd miss it so much until today).  
However, I thought to choose one book to purchase from this massive sale; and made sure it was a good one.  So, I set about looking for it - perusing the shelves and thinking about which book I've been wanting to read since it came out.  However, I couldn't find the Christian Slater biography by Nigal Goodall.  And just when I was about to turn away, I spotted 'Reading by Moonlight' by Brenda Walker.  This is a book I had seen on the shelves for a long time; and it was an expensive one - priced at $36.99.  When I looked up at the legend they had put up around the store (to help the shoppers figure out the percentages between the prices and how much we were actually going to spend; which I thought was a really good move), I found I was going to buy this one book for $10.99!  What a steal!  I'd never see this book, in any store like this, for a cheaper price.  So, I bought it; and I'm glad I did.
Borders and Angus & Robertson will both be missed in our shopping centres around Australia.  However, the latter store still has an online store; which is great and very convenient for us readers.  So, have you been to a Borders sale recently?  If so, which books did you score; and how much did you save in your pocket?  With only 6 days left until Borders Bookstore here in Australia closes down for good, will any of you be going to the last day sales?  Until my next post, happy reading.


  1. Garden City in Brisbane? Wow I'm just on the other side of town!! I'm heading out to Chermside soon to check out the closing down sale, I was at the one in the city but all the good stuff has already been salvaged. I know what you mean though, it's bittersweet, though hopefully it means that some of the smaller independant bookstores around town get a bit more custom and start to thrive

  2. Most definitely. I'm hoping the smaller stores are given more of a chance to make more money instead of going out of business; like they have been in the last few years.
    I do love small bookstores - as well as the second-hand bookstores - as they have that personal touch, that charm about them that the bigger stores lack.
    However, with this massive sale, I'm sure all the readers from around Australia are sure to get in and score their ultimate collection of reading material... all set for the wet Winter we're going to have. :)

  3. Sad indictment of retailing in Australia that it needed 60-70% off at the Borders closing down sale for local books to match the prices of buying the same thing on lines overseas.