Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I Did For Towel Day!

Today, started out cold, and so I got out of bed early and ate a nice hot breakfast and started my day right; by selecting my towel.  I thought to take with me a bright yellow one and used it immediately to keep my digital camera from getting wet and cold from my insulated cold pack in my shopping trolley.  So, with my towel's first use under way, my shopping list in hand and my Go Card in my back pocket, I was ready to leave the house.
By the time I had reached the pet store to pick up Little Miss Stevie's bird food and millet, I had to repack the trolley again and used the towel to wrap the around the bag so her favourite treat didn't get crushed too much by the weight of the Finch Mix.
I hit the Life Line store and scored myself an original Christian Dior, Italian Made handbag for $12!  I'm not kidding... I was looking at it in the glass cabinet and wondered if I was looking at a knock-off; but couldn't be sure.  So, I asked for a look and immediately bought it!  
The towel came out and was wrapped around the handle of the trolley as there wasn't any space in it anymore after I hit Woolworths; and there it stayed for the rest of the time I was shopping, until I hit Coles.
This is where I pushed the childseat open and laid it in the seat of it and put my eggs in it and then wrapped up a nice mug in the towel to keep it from getting broken or moving around too much.  After the checkouts, I wrapped it around my trolley handle again and ordered my taxi where it ended up in the front seat with me and I came home.
The day's not over yet... so I wonder what else I'll get up to with this yellow towel for Towel Day?  What did you do with yours?

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