Monday, May 23, 2011

Towel Day!

This year, on 25th, May in fact, be a true fan of Douglas Adams and carry a towel with you everywhere.  This is to commemorate his life and times and work throughout the years; his brilliant, funny book 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' where this idea took off. 
I took part in it last year and had a great time while I was out and about carrying my towel and finding great uses for it.  While they weren't all that ingenious (sitting on it so I didn't have to sit on the cold metal bus seats at the bus stop), the towel did come in great use for the day.  So, Ford Prefect and Arthur Dent found more uses for their towel than I did... I'll see how many uses I can find for it in the day on the day and let you know what I did with my towel on this day.  Until then, remember to take your towel with you, and remember the great and funny writer Douglas Adams was.  He may not be with us anymore, but his work will always live on.

For more information about this day, go to Towel Day

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