Saturday, May 28, 2011

May Book Buys!

This month, I found great books and great bargains; but I only bought what I need instead what I wanted, and this is a good thing as I am trying to get into reading my collection instead of reading books that are not included it this year.
My first purchase was on 3rd, May of 'Captain James Cook: A Biography' by Richard Hough.  I purchased this one on the day I was in Brisbane City to see the Endeavour which has been touring Australia.  It cost me a lot of money and nearly got soaked that day; but only a few pages were wet fortunately.
The next lot of books weren't until later on in the month when I needed to go out to Garden City to pick up some paint.  Borders was having its last days sale and I decided to drop in and see what was on offer there.  As you've read in one of my earlier posts, the store was emptying out of books very quickly with books they were practically giving away.  But I thought to make my purchase worthwhile and bought myself 'Reading by Moonlight' by Brenda Walker.  I've always wanted to own this book since it was published and now I do, I look forward to reading it.
On the same day, I wandered into QBD - my usual book haunt - and found two books that looked entertaining.  The first was 'Everyman's Rules for Scientific Living - a novel' by Carrie Tiffany; which I found in the bargain bin for only $1.99!  How could I pass that up?  And then, I found a hilarious book I thought would be brilliant and funny to read 'The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones' by Dr. Jones I saw that not far from the bargain bin for $4.99.  Seeing I'm a fan of the movies, I thought it would be fun to have a book about it all to laugh at.  
So, there you have it, my monthly book purchases.  What have you found in your travels lately that you've bought for a song?  Where your finds in the most unlikely places, or did you find you already had a copy when you got home (like I did when I returned home from Garden City with one of my books).  Until my next post, happy reading!

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  1. I still do most, if not all of my book buying at the thrift store where I'm a volunteer since books there are, by default, 25 cents per paperback and 50 cents per hard back by US standards. (I don't know what that would translate to in Australia.)

    The last book purchase I made, I believe was either late April or early May. I basically bought seven paperbacks that happened to be on the shelf, and they were not books that I already had a copy of. When I buy books at the aforementioned store, I usually buy about seven or eight at a time, since well, they're so cheap. After I've read, if not released all of said books (plus any others that have made their way onto my reading list under any other circumstances) I'll start over with a new round as soon as I can.