Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Authors We Love

Being an avid reader and collector of books, I have found myself perusing bookstores for the right book, the exact read, the perfect read to purchase.  However, I have never found it.  The reason being?  Well, I guess I have high standards - sure - but there are so many books to pick from in the stores I go to that I'm never sure of which book I want (unless, of course I have a particular title in mind that I want and I can find it).  
Now, over the years, I have loved quite a few authors and they have shaped the way I write.  From the first books of my youth to the books I read now, the authors I pick to read have been wonderful guides in my life and imagination.  They have made me laugh, cry and believe in love and the bogeyman (yes, I'm looking at you Stephen King for that last one; I did read 'Night Shift' and that story was in it).  So, I thought to hand over my list of authors to you who have shaped the way I have read over my many reads of reading.  Now, for you new-comers of this blog, I have been reading books since I was 4 years old; so that's a long time, longer than most people as I taught myself to read.  So, here goes:

So, who has shaped your life of reading - or writing if you're a writer as well like me - from when you were a child?  Do you read from all genres or just one or two?  Let us know and until my next post, happy reading!

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