Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

A New Year brings in a lot of things for everyone.  A new lot of reading, a new lot of books and a new lot of experiences.  I haven't been reading all that much over the last week due to Christmas and New Year celebrations, however I am hoping to get right back into it all.  
But on New Year's Eve, I did get out to a party at Camp Hill, here in Brisbane, and found that the people's house was one of the old-fashioned houses which was built in the old Queenslander style.  It's been renovated, however it still has the old-world charm about it; with stainglassed windows and decorative woodwork all around inside and out.  I also found they had a massive book collection in more than one place - but I only found one of the main collections out near the back verandah.  The books were inside this large glassed-in case with doors down the bottom.  What I loved about it was that their books weren't in any particular order and you could look at them for hours and still be surprised by the other titles that have been shoved in there.  Most of them were non-fiction, however I did find some fiction when I looked hard enough.  I found out about the hosts of this party that they were school teachers; however I was told beforehand they were, so it ruined the surprise of me figuring them out just by their books collection.
So, where did you find yourself on New Year's Eve?  Were you out and about or at a party at somebody's house - like me - where you could sus out their book collection?  And if you did, what did you find out about them?  Until my next post, happy reading!

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