Sunday, May 20, 2012

French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook by Mireille Guiliano

Bonjour!  For those who love to cook and love to learn different cooking techniques, I must let you in a little secret:  I totally immerse myself in cooking when it comes to making a meal.  Being a person who hardly ever buys take-away and wouldn't have a clue what to buy when I'm asked what kind of food I'd like when I'm at Hungry Jacks (aka Burger King), I've often got my nose between the pages of a cookbook or two to learn how to cook new and interesting meals.  
And this book is one of those cookbooks that is a must for any kitchen.  Two weeks ago, I bought it - not for the title - to learn how to make Ratatouille; as I know it's a dish from the south of France, but I didn't know how to make it.  Being a vegetarian, it was perfect for me to make.  Mireille sets out this book in such a way you can't go wrong with how to cook each meal.  And the best thing is that most of the food is straight from your pantry or fridge or market down the road; nothing too fancy and you've heard of everything she's talking about.
I found the Ratatouille recipe such a cinch to make, and so delicious, that I didn't want to stop there.  I began looking through the book again for my next meal!  Now, Mireille Guiliano is famous for the book 'French Women Don't Get Fat', letting us in on how the French woman eats and how they keep their figure throughout their lives without gaining too much weight.  However, having the cookbook just goes to show us how easy it is to keep ourselves well-fed with good, flavoursome food and yet, not have to want more than what we really want.  
I am so happy to have bought this book and added it to my cookbook collection.  It will be used time and again in my kitchen and I will most definitely make some of the meals in it part of my own personal recipe book that I use all the time.  So, do go out and find 'French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook', it's worthy of being in anyone's cookbook collection; as it's very useful.  The book is cut up into its own respective sections of Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and Dinner - so it covers all our usual bases for when our stomachs want something different and yet delicious!  Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. I never knew there was a cookbook to Mireille Guiliano's best-selling book French Women Don't Get Fat. I remember this book was all the rage here in the USA several years ago, not that I've read it. However, I do like the simple, easy to make recipes that are healthy and this book sounds like it fits into this category.

    1. I didn't either; not until I was in QBD at Garden City waiting for Mum to exchange something at another store (and yes, I only meant to waste time in the bookstore and not buy anything)and I spotted this wonderful book sitting on the bargain table for only $9.99!

      How could I say no? :)

  2. I wonder if Frenchmen get fat? I was born in France, though I'm American by citizenship.

    Anyway, wanted to thank you, Mozette, for your words. I'm not a big cook-book aficiondo, but I'll be following along with your eclectic taste!

    1. I'm not too sure about Frenchman gaining the pounds... however I have found this cookbook really good.

      And you're welcome. I often look around the net at new blogs and read them through to see how good they are. And yours has a spark. Keep tweaking it, it'll look good and get a great feel to it too.

      I review pretty much anything I can get my nose into... from sci-fi fantasy to horror to vampire romance to cookbooks (as you see from the side bar, my reading boundaries are few). So, I hope you enjoy my blog, as I'm sure I'll enjoy yours. :D