Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May Book Buys!

Wow!  Did I fall off the book preserving wagon or what this month?  I made myself a promise to read as many books in my collection as I could; and what do I do?  I go out and add to it instead.  Oh well, I guess we all do this from time to time.  It's the fun of having books in our hands and homes, isn't it?  This month, I bought about seven books.  Yep, I almost got to 10 books.  Fortunately, they weren't expensive and so I didn't break the bank on any of them.
The first one was 'Her & Me' by Karen Tyrrell which I bought at her book launch on 1st, May at the Logan North Library here in Logan City.  I purchased it for $20 and she signed it for me after her talk, cutting the cake (and it was delicious chocolate cake too!) and then I headed off home. 
Then the very next day, I went to the thrift store down the road from me and purchased 'Under the Tuscan Sun' by Frances Mayes, 'Head Over Heels' by Hugh Lunn and 'The Complete Works of W. Somerset Mauugham for $2.50.  I always get a great deal at this place and so walked away with three great books.
On the 5th, May, I attended a Writer's Gathering at The Coffee Club at Springwood giving me a chance to talk about writing, books and publishing with fellow authors.  I also had the chance to purchase books off these authors as well.  I bought another book there titled 'Dark Legacy' by M.A. Anderson for $16.00 and she signed it as well.  I'm part way through it right now and it looks like a great, dark read!
I took Mum out on 10th, May for an early Mother's Day lunch and day out.  And just before she went off to her hairdresser's, I dropped into the QBD at Garden City and bought myself 'Other People's Diaries' by Kathy Webb for $7.99 and 'The French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook' by Mireille Guiliano for $9.99.  Both these books look like great reads; and I found the recipes in the cookbook great (especially the Ratatouille; which I'm getting really great at cooking). 
So, what did you buy this month?  Where they books they wanted and needed, or where they books that you bought on impulse and regretted later on?  Until my next post, Happy Reading!

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