Saturday, May 5, 2012


Today, I left the house early to catch a bus to meet up at The Coffee Club at Springwood to a writers' meet-up.  This is a place where a group of writers, editors, copy writers, bloggers and other like-minded people get together for coffee and a meal to talk about what they love the most.... writing and books.  
Well, it was everything I thought it was going to be - more.  I found the first people I sat with didn't say anything to me... just chatted to each other and ignored me completely.  They didn't even try to include me in the conversation; so I knew I wasn't wanted and left them to their own private universe in search of others to chat to; and found them.
Karen Tyrrell was there from Tuesday's book launch at the Logan North Library and she was thrilled I could make it.  Then, I saw Pat Hill - and old friend of mine I've known for around 15 years from the Logan Writers' Guild - and we chatted about what we were up to.  She was trying to  get people from her old high school to write about what they did in their lives; however getting people who were 60+ to write anything is hard when they're not into writing like she is.  
I noticed a bust on the table of a very ugly, head with its tongue sticking out!  And on closer inspection, I saw it the prop from 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom'... very cool!  I loved it so much I took a couple of photos!  And while sitting where I was - which was ironically in the middle of the tables - I got to talking with an editor, a vampire writer, sci-fi writer and a chick-lit writer.  We all got along really well.
At around 12:30pm, there were only around 5 of us left and we go to talking about writers being unable to talk about their craft too much with family and friends; so we don't drive them nuts with what we're doing.  And we all agreed that it can be a very lonely feeling when you can't talk to many people about it; and groups and gatherings like these are a great outlet for people like us.  
So, am I going back to this again?  Yes.  I love the social feel and that I get to go out and talk to other writers.  I love how it's at a coffee shop and we get to eat and drink and enjoy the fresh air.  And best of all, it's great exercise for me as I have to catch a bus and walk from the bus station to get there.  Not a bad deal for me at all.  So, do you attend any kind of writers group or book club?  If so, where is it?  A coffee shop - like mine - or at somebody's home?  Or is it out at a restaurant for dinner once a month or so?  Until my next post, happy reading!

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