Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Karen Tyrrell's Book Launch

Tonight, I was out at the Logan North Library at the book launch of 'Me & Her: A Memoir of Madness' by Karen Tyrrell.  I arrived there at around 5:30pm and was greeted by Karen herself and a few people she had been working with to make the book take off as well as her charming husband who was working hard behind the scenes putting piles of the books out on the tables for people to buy.  And as I've been watching her from across cyberspace and through Facebook work on her book, I'm pleased to see it in real life finally!

Once I had gotten myself a cup of coffee and some nibblies found there were other kindred spirits amongst us (other writers that is) we were all asked to sit and the Lord Mayor, Pam Parker, stepped up to the dais to make the first speech for the night; and to launch Karen's book.  Karen then took over and told us how the idea for the book came to her and why she wrote it.  She spoke on how working in a school where she was bullied by parents and students caused her to have a mental break; taking her through the frightening world of the medical and psychiatric system.
And after she read some choice pieces from her book, she left the rest to us to read!  Of course, I bought a copy and she has signed it for me.  I'm looking forward to reading it soon as well.
Once Karen finished her speech, she cut the 'Me & Her' chocolate cake and was off signing books for everyone! I had a great time at this book launch and can't wait to read the book!  
And to celebrate Karen's success, I've got four bookmarks of 'Her & Me' that I picked up at the launch to give away.  The first four to comment here are the winners!  Until my next post, happy reading! 


  1. I love attending author events!!! I am thrilled you had such a good time at Karen Tyrrell's event. I am attending an author lecture with my hubby later this month and looking forward to it very much.

    Also, which I find very interesting, is that I am currently working on my daily blog post about signed books!!

    1. I've been invited to a few other book launches in the city recently. However, the bus services out in my area don't link up with the city buses (stupid but true). So I'm unable to attend those ones.

      However, when the ones around my area show up on Facebook and I'm invited by the author - or are in the paper - I do make the effort and show to meet the author and purchase a copy of their book; also to show support for local writers. Being a local writer of Logan City, we find it hard to have our voices heard. If our local area supports us, it's something we look need to get our names out into the world more.