Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I've Been Interviewed!

Today, I had an interview with the editor of the Southside Bulletin here in Logan City, Wendy Johnson.  She asked on Facebook if anyone had any hobbies that had nothing to do with books or writing and I straight away said I did - painting.  And she asked me to write her an article about my hobby, so I did.  It wasn't long and had to stay under 500 words.  
Well, last week, she e-mailed me and asked for photos of my paintings and a photo of me.  I sent them in with a quick description of when and where I painted them and a few details about how I went about them - you know what kind of music I listened to when I was doing them - and she was quick to reply, asking for a get-together for coffee.

Today was it!  We chatted for about half an hour and she looked at my art and enjoy a cup of Green Tea each and she revealed to me that I was the only person who contacted her about the outside hobby I had.  I told her that I have other hobbies besides painting; that I collect vinyls and love collecting dvds and teapots and other things as well.  She nodded saying that it can't just be me who has other hobbies as she knows a few writers have other hobbies besides writing; they're just not saying so.  But Wendy said she'd use my article and let me know when it was going in.  she asked if it was okay to use my photo and the pictures of my paintings - of course I said yes.  I can't wait to get a copy of the Southside Bulletin to read my piece and see what it looks like.  Actually, I'd like to get a few copies of it so I can send it to a few of my family members who don't get it in the areas where they live.  Well, until my next post, happy reading!


  1. Oh, how fun!! Thanks for sharing this post. I am so excited for you!! Great job, Mozette. :-)

  2. I'll upload a link to the interview as soon as it's published; and you'll all find out what I look like - instead of the intelligent little ant that's been gracing my blogs. :D