Monday, October 1, 2012


October means a lot of things in Australia.  It's the second month of Spring - well it's supposed to be, but today it's pouring rain and looks like Winter has revisited us - it's the month of my birthday and it's the month of Halloween.  It's also the month where I try to get into reading as much as I can before Christmas really gets under way and I slacken off on my reading to get my relatives presents for the Silly Seasons.

So, seeing I'm at Brighton house sitting for the next few days, I'll be sussing out a few things things around here... bookcases and cookbooks and what the family loves to read, as well as what I'm getting my nose into over the next week. And seeing my birthday is on Friday, I'll let you know what goes on that day too!  

But today, I've been writing.  I've begun working on a Young Adult short story - which I think is going to turn into a novella.  I got the idea for it last night while dinner was being prepared; and I can't wait to get familiar with the character.  
Then, I've been working on an article about how to care for first edition and out of print books - and how to find them without looking.  It's only in the beginning stages right now, but it has promise.  

So, this is going to be going on over the next month.  However, I will be working on some stories and writing over the next week as well as visiting a charity store and telling you guys about what kinds of books people give away there too.  Until my next post, happy reading!

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