Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Secret Books

I have a big secret; and it's a weird one too!  I love secret books.  These are books that have been hollowed out, have a magnet installed and you can hide things in them.  In fact, I have one in my office here and it's fooled many people who have picked it up by accident, thinking it's an ordinary book; including my Dad who thought I had a book out of place and thought it was very cool to find a book such as this with all the goodies inside it. 

However finding these books aren't easy.  I have a secret book made from a Reader's Digest Condensed Book and it's all done up in felt on the inside and has a trademark on the inside cover of Marcus Rowe Designs 2000.  I have tried looking up this trademark on Google but what it coughs up takes off in all kinds of directions about all kinds of people.  So, there's no real source of where my first Secret Book Box came from.
I have another one in my living room where people have been fooled about where it's sitting - in amongst my gardening books.  It's a thick and heavy 'Fashion Disasters' book.  But when you open it, it's a locked metal safe.  I have hidden the keys in a place where nobody but me can find them.  And I have been working on trying to save money in this one.  Because I often forget it's there, I have been using my various money boxes spread around the house to save money instead.  So, there's not much in it right now.
My third Secret Book Box came for my birthday - and it's a real doozey!  I didn't know they made them this big!  When I pulled the wrapping off it, I thought it was one massive book, but then, I pulled the cover open and I was so blissfully happy to find it was a Secret Book Box!  It held my gifts and now, it's in my bedroom holding more books - mainly my dream journals that have been filled up, so there's only one dream journal sitting there waiting to be written in.  I love this Secret Book Box as it's so gorgeous and I don't intend to have it anywhere else but on display. 

So, do you have any Secret Book Boxes - or any unusual books in your bookcases you'd like to share with us?  If so, leave a comment and let us all know of them.  Until my next post, happy reading.

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