Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Brother's Reading List

Here I am at Brighton house sitting for my brother and his partner.  It's been a couple of days and I've found they have a great lot of books here in the living room; where most people keep their bookcases.  
He's a great cook and so, there's plenty of cookbooks in these shelves and gardening books too.  And looking outside, their veggie and herb patch is growing really well too!  In amongst all the cookbooks are books about motorcycles, nude photography (okay, there's only one of those, but it's a fantastic book!) and other non-fiction books too.  There's books about Jimi Hendrix, 'Your Birthday Sign Through Time' and books on countries such as Spain and Portugal as well as this wonderful country of Australia.
There's a great collection of Robin Hobb books - about 8 of them - and they all look well-read too!  And I've spotted a copy of 'Catch-22' as well and other books that Kat loves to read.  On top of the bookcase is a small - but growing - pile of dictionaries.  Some of them are old, some new; and there's a tiny little Thesaurus too.
And there's the books in Riley's room too!  Now, I've given her most of these books; as I was a young reader and I want her to develop into.  She has the whole 'Faraway Tree' Series - all five books - which I gave her when she turned five.  I gave her a three on her fifth birthday and the other two for Christmas that year.  She loves them so much she doesn't want to give them away; and asked for more Enid Blyton.  So, I found more for her.  As she's gotten older, I found some great books for her to get into.  There's 'The Vampire Academies' and a King Arthur book.  But as Riley's gone into high school, I've been collecting together books that she might be given to read while she's there - classics - and I've handed them to her so she has a leg-up in her English classes.  She has them in her bookcase waiting for the right time to read them.
So... these are books around my brother's house and what they read on a regular basis.  What kinds of books do your relatives read?  Are they the same or similar to your tastes?  If not, what kinds of books are they into?  If you all read the same things, do you swap books with each other?  For me, I've gotten into 'The Dark Tower Series' and Gabe - my brother - has been meaning to get into.  When he found out I was reading it, he asked if he could borrow the books off me once I was finished.  Well, of course he could.  Until my next post, happy reading!

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