Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gardening Journals

Like most writers I have other hobbies to keep myself active; and one of those hobbies is gardening.  Today, I sat down and found my two journals about my garden; and found that a lot has happened over the last 7 years.  Now, unlike most writers, I have a very tiny yard; but I make the most of it.  
It's what is commonly known as a 'postage stamp' back yard... so small you don't need a petrol mower to mow it - a push reel one will be just fine.  I have had a good few years of growing plants of all kinds in this garden - as my journal between 2005 and 2008 will contest (this is my first journal).  In this little journal, I wrote recorded all about the vegetables and herbs I grew, the aphids I killed off with White Oil and the many slugs the drowned in the shallow tubs of beer I left out for them (or as I label them:  naked snails).  
Also within the pages of this gardening journal I speak about how the possums ate all my Basil by stripping the leaves off all the branches; thus killing the poor 7 year old plant with shock!  And if that wasn't bad enough, there were water restrictions that hit everyone in Australia where we weren't allowed to water anything - not until it rained again.  This killed off not only my plants but my lawn - making it look like one big ant hill!  I couldn't walk outside for months without being attacked by angry green ants - at least I could see them coming.
My journal continues onto this year - when I bought a new journal for a new beginning to my garden.  It begins in April of this year when I bought some plants at the Springwood East Community Centre to start off my garden.  And then the next day, Mum and Dad take me to Bunnings to buy new pots, potting mix and a few other things that would help my garden get started in its new beginning after the Brisbane Floods hit us and broke our drought.  Now, we still have water problems, but not as bad as before.  And there's more plans for my little garden... but being an on-going project, my guess about this little lot of land is as good-a guess as yours. 

So, do you keep a journal about another hobby you take part in?  An art journal?  A sewing journal?  Or do you scrapbook?  Jump in and leave a comment and let us know how your other projects are going and if you keep a journal for them.  Until my next post, happy reading.   

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