Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wet or Cold Weather Reading

In various parts of the world, our seasons are changing.  Over in the Northern Hemisphere, it's Autumn/Fall and the leaves are changing colour, it's becoming cooler and the comfort foods are being made as well as the days are becoming shorter.  While here in the Southern Hemisphere, the days are longer, warmer and we're getting our Monsoon Season.  Either way, we are going to share one thing in common: at some point in time, we will all be stuck inside because it's either raining, too hot to go outside or too cold and snowing to go out there either.
Personally, I like to read just about anything that will take my mind off the weather or my problems.  Usually around Christmas time, I try to read lighter books so I can enjoy this time of year.  However, just before the Silly Season, I read a few heavier books to round the year out nicely.

So, what kinds of books do you get your nose into to escape these kinds of weather?  If you're in a cold climate, do you read about Summer?  And if you're in a hot climate, do you read about the chilly slopes of Aspen at Christmas?  And it's not just the topic I'm interested in, it's how you read it.  Are you an old-fashioned reader - like me - or have you traveled along with technology and kept up with an e-reader or a laptop or iPod?  
Also, where is your favourite place to curl up and read?  Is it by the fire in the family room?  In your bed before turning out the light?  In your own personal Easy-chair or beanbag or do you sit outside in a nice cool carport when it's stinking hot with a cool drink by your side and feeling the breezes on your back as the crickets and cicadas ring through the air?  Do tell us all about your reading habits at this time of year.  Until my next post, happy reading.  

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