Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Summer of Fun Event Approaching!

It's only about a week or so away from December; and you all know what this means!  It means The Summer of Fun EventLast year, I tried it out over 3 massive months and it was fun and full of brilliant interviews, YouTube excellence, only a few book reviews and links to sites about bookstores across the world and other people's blogs as well.

Well, this year, I'm thinking of making it take up only about a month or so; as last year was huge for me and very hard to do.  I've got a few great ideas that are new, and some that I'll do from last year.  There'll be a few themed ideas and other things I'll be looking into as well as digging up the history of things we take for grated... like the computer you're looking and working at right now?  Well, I'll be looking into the history of that and what I was taught to type on in high school - yep the good old typewriter; as I still own one and it's still in use!  I'll be interviewing some writers as well, just like last year.
And just like last year, I'll be here throughout the Christmas and NYE period to keep you guys up to date with everything; and to keep you entertained online when it's either too hot or too cold to head outdoors.  
So, I'll be seeing you in the next week or so with the new Summer of Fun Event!  Until my next post, happy reading!  

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