Thursday, March 28, 2013

Best Australian Blogs 2013!

Vote now for My Reading List as this year's Australia's Best Blog for 2013!  I have put my blog down to see if I can make the cut for this wonderful honour to be chosen across Australia.

So, either go to the embedded link in the above paragraph or the link or go to the link at the top of the sidebar, click on the link there and complete the survey and let them know what you think of this blog; and many others.  You have until 5pm 30th, April 2013 to cast your votes for your favourite blogs - and there's a lot of blogs there too!

I thank you all for doing this very much.  And no matter who wins, we are all great bloggers out there, doing our best to entertain and inform our internet readers in some way.  Until my next post, happy reading! 


  1. Good luck! I voted for you a few days ago. :-)

    1. Thank you and thank you! I'm so happy you voted for me. I hope I get a few votes; and see where I come in this country. I'm not hoping to win, but I'm hoping to see how well my blog has done so far. :D