Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Holiday Reading

I haven't been reading all that much this holiday; well, mainly just before turning out the light - but that's all.  I've read about 50 pages of 'The Wastelands' by Stephen King.  It's really picked up and I've found myself reading until around 1am; when I should be turning out the light at around 11pm. 
Then, there's 'Anna Karenina' by Leo Tolstoy which I can easily read about 30 pages of in a short amount of time; seeing I have this book on my iPod and set up in scroll mode so it's easy to get through a lot of pages quite easily.  

Otherwise, I've been trying to read 'The Invisible Man' by H.G. Wells - a bookray from Bookcrossing - and have found it difficult to get into.  I haven't given up, though, as it's just the beginning and the characters are only just being developed.  And seeing it's a brilliant classic by a just as brilliant writer, I'm going to persevere and see how far I can get through it before giving up.

Well, that's my holiday reading.  What do you read during your holidays?  Or do you give reading a break?  Anyway, until my next post, happy reading! 

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