Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Shelfie of Your Bookcases

How many times have you gone and taken a selfie of yourself?  Have you been on your own or with your friends crammed into the frame or with your pride and joy of a car in the background?  Sure you have!  I have!

So, now, how many of you have taken a photo of your bookcases just to show how much you love your books and enjoyed your reading?  


Oh come on, sure you have.

I have, and my bookcases look like they're crammed full and piled high up to the ceiling - and not looking pretty like this article about the up and coming craze of The Shelfie... the greatest thing to come into Tumbler and Twitter feeds.  This is where people go and photograph their books and book collections, but they make them look gorgeously pretty, funny or just plainly as though they've popped out of the pages of the latest Vogue Magazine.  So, do you do it?  Until my next post, happy reading.

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