Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter Reading

It's the middle of the school holidays here in Australia, and I've picked up a copy of 'Make Lemonade' by Virginia Wolfe.  It's a great book so far; and I'm up to part two - well, the beginning of it anyway.  

I've been looking through my collection for some books to zip through lately; and have figured out why I haven't been reading as much as I normally do.  It's my eyes.  I've been doing a lot of close-up work with my hobby business, and it's been making my eyes so tired that I don't want to open a book when I go to bed; I just want to turn out the light and rest my eyes in the dark. 
So, this past week, I went off to the optometrist and he agreed that I needed glasses to help me with focusing on close-up work as he had a look at the detailing work I did on Facebook and said it was a little wonder I didn't come in to him before.

Well, my glasses are going to be ready this week sometime; and hopefully, I'll have better luck with reading when I get myself into working on my stuff better with the new specs... and then reading more books this year - as two or three is just disgusting in my view.

However, with the smaller books I'm grabbing off the shelves and reading, I thought to make a good start on reading something at least until I get my new glasses this week.  
So, what are you reading this Easter?  Have you been either collecting or reading your books lately?  Until my next post, happy reading.


  1. Hey Mozette, have you discovered the joys of talking books? The library her has lots and I combine 'reading' with my ears with all sorts of jobs. "The Hunger Games", which I had been meaning to read for years has seen me through a huge pile of ironing and mending, deep cleaning my bookshelves and making an order of face cream these last few days. I have Burial Rights by Hannah Kent put aside for Easter as I think its a perfect follow on from The Snow Child, which I loved so much..

    1. Yeah, I have. However the problem with them is that I tend to daydream and lose my spot when I play them. Being a writer, I'll get to a point in the talking book where I'll have a thought - an idea - and then suddenly, I'll hear 'Chapter 10' when we were up to chapter 5 before... whoops! What did I miss?

      So, talking books are out for me... unfortunately. Might have to wait until my eyesight fails and then use them. :P