Thursday, April 10, 2014

'Fresh From Italy' by Stephano Manfredi

Isn't it amazing what you find when you're not looking for it.  I was out shopping yesterday at my local Life Line charity store when I stumbled upon an italian cookbook.  This wasn't just an ordinary, run of the mill Italian cookbook, it was one by Stephano Manfredi - a world-wide known chef.

At the time, I didn't know who he was.  So, when I uploaded the photos of the book to show it off to you guys today, I thought to Google him to see if he's got a website we could suss out together.  And I've found out he's got three big restaurants, has put out a collection of books and has a blog (which has a collection of delicous and delectible recipes with photos and why he's using particular ingredients in his recipes - and why we should be using only the best ingredients in our food and recipes too).

Now, this is a great chef who can teach us how to cook great food for our families, letting us in on the how and why of the food we're eating.  This is a good thing.  There's so much out there in the food world to teach us to be scared of the food we're currently eating, that it's about time we had a chef - an author - who was telling us how we can change the way we cook, the way we eat and how our kitchens can become, yet again, the hearts of homes just like they used to be in our Grandmother's days, instead of the places where you throw something into the microwave to heat up.  

'Fresh From Italy' by Stephano Manfredi is a book which is written for Australian kitchens for Australian people to help us understand exactly how to cook Italian food for anyone in our families.  I love how it's set out.  I love how he's shown me what I need in my kitchen, how the contents cover the seasons instead of just the dishes and I love most of all, how easy it is to read.  It's as though I've got a friend showing me how to cook a meal instead of a teacher telling me how to cook... and that's a big difference.

Until my next post, happy reading.

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