Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Book Buys!

I've been pretty good on the book front this month; actually, I only bought what I wanted and needed to buy and that was it, and did my purchases towards the end of the month.

So, here goes!

I was at my craft group and found some of the ladies were giving away books.  So, I looked through the titles and found 'I Wish I Had A Red Dress' by Pearl Cleage was there, and I picked it up to bring home.  Then, a week later, I found 'The Hunt' by Andrew Fukuda was at my craft group - and I bought that for a dollar - and brought that home too.

Then, I found myself at the end of my Fry Nelson book trilogy and found ideas for another book.  And seeing I knew nothing about my subject matter I wanted to write about - which was Angels - I had some serious research to do.  So, I popped off to the library and looked into some books.  After borrowing some books, I then drove to The Really Good Book Shop and found 'Archangels 101' by Doreen Virtue.  There's another book I'm searching for, but I'll wait until next pay to get it at QBD.  This other book names all the angels I'm hoping to read about for my next piece of work.

And then, yesterday, I scored two more books.  One was called 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' by Deborah Maggoch.  It's been made into a movie, which I've never seen, but I knew it was based on a book... which I love to read first; as many of you know.  So, I finally got my hands onto a copy of the book.  There was another book called 'Wild Lavendar' but I've forgotten the author... as I gave it to Mum.  It's a war-time book and she loves those kinds of books.  

So, what kinds of books have you scored this month?  Good and cheap books - like me?  Or were you good and didn't buy any and worked out of your library, like I should have?  Silly me, and my want for books... but if we didn't have passions, we wouldn't have collections of things, would we? Until my next post, happy reading.  

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