Sunday, April 27, 2014

Romance Writer's Group Saturday Meeting

Yesterday morning I was out and about in my new car... yep, I have a new little car to travel around the world in.  My Dad bought it for me; as I have had medical troubles in my past which had me off the road for years.  Now, my doctors have allowed me back on the road after years of not being able to drive, and it's like getting to know an old friend again... sure, there's crazy, weirdo drivers out there, and the streets are more crowded, but I still enjoy driving where I need to go without having to ask my folks for a lift or to borrow their set of wheels.

Well, as I was saying... 

I went to my Logan Romance Writer's group at Holmeview MacDonalds and the group was only small - with only three of us attending.  But we had a great time! It was great!  I totally enjoyed the place, the coffee and the company.  We chatted about our usual months of what we've been up to, how things have been and then, we got down to the business end of the morning and chatted about each other's writing.

This part is usually filled with giggles and a lot of great critiquing from each other... and we love getting ideas from each other, as it does help with our own work, and helps with new ideas we have on our drawing board at home.  Then we can bounce future ideas off the people we're going to be writing for just to see if those ideas will work... and you'd be surprised how these meeting turn out.  

I had a great time yesterday... but my day wasn't over.  I was off to my next appointment about an hour early - the Logan Art Gallery - to get into some volunteer work.  We had an event organised for Music in the Gallery.  Yes, it was an easy afternoon for me - even though I was working solo - and I had to mark off everyone attending and then was allowed to take photos and listen in.  It was the easiest shift I'd done in a long time.  I got half of the next chapter of 'Angel Love' written and edited some of 'Fry Nelson' too... not a bad day for writing if I do say so.  Until my next post, happy reading!

...and writing! 


  1. Wow, congrats on the new car!! I saw pictures of it you shared through Bookcrossing. The romance writer's group meet-up sounded like a lot of fun as well as your volunteer job at the Logan Art Gallery.

    1. Hey thanks! I'll be able to get around to more bookstores and other places easier now with a car that doesn't chew through petrol like water... and this car is just the cutest, isn't it? :D

      We're still adding things to it to make it last ... like a dashboard matt and better winscreen wipers... you know to make sure it works at its best. :D