Sunday, November 29, 2015

'Revival' by Stephen King

Jamie Morton was born in Maine way back in simpler times, when everyone went to church every Sunday. All the neighbours knew each other, knew what each and every child got up to and when there was gossip, the adults knew if it was true or not.

Then, Pastor Charles Jacobs started working in their small church. He was young, married to a beautiful woman and had a baby boy. He was also just what the town needed, in the way of spiritual guidance.

The parents loved his sermons.

The children loved his wife, Patsy.

Everyone adored his son, who tagged along with anyone who would let him play with them.

The Pastor and Jamie forged a close bond when Jamie was just a child, where the pastor showed him things that could be done with electricity - something which was unusual for a man of such strong faith. But, Jamie had the same fascination; which became stronger when his brother, Conrad, lost his voice and the Pastor used something experimental on him once and it came back!

Then disaster struck when Patsy and their young son were killed in a freak car accident. Pastor Jacobs went off the rails and delivered a sermon that nobody in that small community would ever forget; long after he had left.

However, during Jamie's life in the drug-filled music industry, he stumbled upon Pastor Jacobs again and again - however, he was no longer a Pastor. He was a travelling  miracle-working - harnessing electricity to cure people of all kinds of things.

But then, Jamie was cured from a Heroine addiction by Charles Jacobs; and it wasn't long afterwards he noticed that with the cure, came some dreadful after-affects. It all started to make him wonder if it was worth it ... then people he knew - people he'd seen cured at these gatherings of Charles' - were starting to flip out. Jamie started to conduct his own investigation.

What he discovered wasn't good.


  1. Ooooo, nice review!! Now I want to read Revival' by Stephen King.

    1. it goes along really well, then turns creepy, really quickly.