Friday, November 9, 2018

15,000 Words!

Yay! I've passed this number and am still going strong - but I have been neglecting my house and so today, I went out and hit the gym, put away a huge pile of clean laundry and threw out the biggest bag of rubbish from my kitchen (and yes it stunk like you wouldn't believe!).

You see I have been eating well, sleeping so-so and trying to take care of myself by hitting the gym twice a week (if I can) and not taking any days off if I can help it. 

However, this week, I've taken one day off for a Christmas Party and then I'll be busy over the next week or two... this can't be helped.

So, I'm going to be trying to work on my book in longhand if I can, or on my tablet, and it should be worked on after if I can get in and do it. But I'm hoping to get through the 50,000 words before the end of the month, or by the end of the month... and if not, well, by Christmas. 

How is your word count doing? All good? I hope so. Okay... back to getting up that word count again... onwards and upwards towards that 20,000 words I go!

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